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why use sisters at work


It is so that most people choose a profession and make a living out of what they like or are good at. We chose cleaning, because that is what we are passionate about, and we are good at it. We take pride in our work and never leave a job half-done, not matter how big or small.

Once our sisters leave the building, you’ll be asking yourself why it took you so long to call on us for a professional cleaning service with friendly and efficient staff.

We’ve built strong relations with our suppliers so that we can keep our costs as low as possible and always have stock on hand. Only the best cleaning chemicals and equipment is good enough for us to keep our standards high.


Our cleaning services are conveniently packaged to answer to all our clients' needs. Whether you need a team to do a deep clean or a single sister once a week for general maintenance cleaning, we can help.

Our sisters are dropped off and picked up from sites at no additional cost. In this way, we ensure that we meet all our deadlines and cause the least amount of disruption for our clients.

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