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A team of cleaners works together on one site to deep-clean in one day. Deep cleaning can include windows, foor scrubbing, shower scrubbing, ceiling wash, on top of cupboards and large furniture, and washing walls. We provide all the necessary cleaning chemicals and equipment for a Super Clean.

This is a one-day all-round cleaning and laundry service by two sisters.

One cleaner is placed during weekdays for general maintenance cleaning. This applies to residential cleaning and small ofces. For larger buildings and corporate spaces, we will allocate the applicable number of cleaners to ensure efcient cleaning on a day-to-day basis.

General cleaning and sanitising of entire hotel or accommodation facilities. Services include linen laundry, carpets, bathrooms, and all aspects of general cleaning.

This is a one-day all-round cleaning and laundry service by two sisters.

We bring a team to clean every nook and cranny with our own cleaning chemicals and equipment. No building is too big or too small for us.

Carpet Cleaning | Window Cleaning | Washing & Ironing (on and offsite)

While a sister is cleaning the inside, the brother will take care of the outside. We offer a full gardening service that includes the following:

Mowing | Pruning | Watering | General garden clean-up

Pests are everywhere, and we've seen them all. While we are cleaning the inside or the outside of your home, ofce, or any other space that needs cleaning, we will nd them. We have a team of certied pest controllers onboard, and we can recommend the best way and time to get rid of any unwanted critters.

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